Accidental-HR came into being because every client I’ve worked with over the past nine years has struggled with managing their employees. These small business owners have been very good at whatever it is they do in their business, but the employee aspect frazzled them. If you’re an entrepreneur reading this, let me ask you something:

Why did you get into business?

I’m going to bet you answered something to the effect of: I had a skill (or a product or service) that I knew I could offer potential clients or customers, that was better than what was already on the market.
No small business owner I’ve met got into business because their skill was ‘exceptionally good at managing employees.’
In fact, the whole employee thing just kind of drops into the laps of small business owners. You are “Accidental” human resource managers.
This blog has come into being to address that gap in your business. My goal is to provide as much information as I can to help small business owners solve their people problems ‘on purpose’!

So what makes me an expert on this aspect of small business?

  • Over the past nine years, I’ve been coaching small businesses and I’ve run up against the need to provide Human Resource related information to most of my clients. At one time or another, I’ve researched just about every aspect of HR management.
  • I’ve discovered tools that I recommend to my clients. I’ve spend countless hours learing everything I can about the tools I recommend. And I’ve had the priveledge of working with my clients to get the most out of these tools. I know they work!
  • I’ve read dozens of books on every aspect of HR management. In fact, my personal business library is considerably larger than the one in my local public library.
  • I’ve taken countless courses and attended many webinars and teleseminars relating to Human Resources.
  • I’ve spent hours researching HR topics on the internet. I subscribe to over a dozen online HR newsletters (after weeding out the ones that didn’t provide the value I’ve come to expect.)

Through this process, I’ve identified the ‘experts’ in the HR field who make the most sense for small businesses. I’ve identified the systems and processes that work best for small business. I’ve taken the bits and pieces that I’ve seen work for my clients and combined them to develop the ideals you’ll see me recommend in these pages and posts.
But at no time will you hear me call myself an ‘expert’ or a ‘guru’. My philosophy is that ‘none of us is as smart as all of us!’
I invite you to try the ideas and processes I post in Accidental-HR and share your results and experiences with your fellow readers in the comment sections after each post. Ask your questions. Respond to the questions of others when you can.
Together, we can change the face of small business. Employees are the heart and soul of small business. Without them no business owner can competently carry out all the various duties necessary to succeed.
But the wrong employees can destroy a business. We’ll talk about this, too.
As you follow along with what I offer you every week (sometimes more often,) you may be surprised to discover just how much is entailed in managing your Human Resources! This is no small undertaking, this business of managing your people.
But remember — Rome wasn’t built in a day! As you learn about each aspect of HR and apply it to your business, you’ll discover that all the pieces fit together to create a system that takes the success of your business beyond your wildest dreams.

If you have questions. . .

I invite you to ask your questions in the comments sections at the end of each post. In fact, there is a comment section on this page. I will read these posts regularly. My blog administration notifies me every time a comment is posted. If you want me to answer you privately, that can be arranged – just ask.

If you really want to speak with me, you may do so two ways:

Skype: ruby.curran

Phone: 403-348-0696 (I answer my own phone :-) )

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