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What is ‘Accidental-HR’?

by HR Coach on February 22, 2009

No Small Business Owner goes into business because they want to be an employer. We begin businesses because we have a product or service we believe will be in demand by other businesses or a group of consumers. The employer part just kind of ‘drops into the laps’ of most entrepreneurs. Is anyone prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of being ‘the boss’?

No! It usually happens quite by accident – hence the name, Accidental-HR.

My intention for Accidental-HR, the web site/blog, is to be a comprehensive resource for Small Business Owners and managers who need information about the various aspects of being ‘The Boss’.

To help you understand just what you’ll find on this site, let me give you a quick overview…

Most businesses find they have six important areas to focus on in order to ensure their business will survive and prosper:

The Business Focus Chain

Notice that these areas of focus are presented in the form of a chain. You’ll recall it’s been said that ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.’ That old axiom has never been more true than in business. Each of these areas is equally important, however many businesses find at least one of these links is weaker than it should be.

Now notice that the ‘People’ link is darker than the others. This is the link we’ll be focusing on here at Accidental-HR. The adjoining links, money and time, are also highlighted because strengthening the People link will also strengthen the money and time links in a business.

Within the People link is another chain…

A closer look at the 'People' link

These seven links are where the focus of Accidental-HR will be. You’ll find a category for each of these links. I’ll be publishing articles in each of the topic areas, along with videos and eventually, in-depth programs of study in each area.

I invite you to post the burning questions you have about any of these topic areas in the comments section below. Your questions will help me address the issues most important to you and other readers. I believe we’re in this together…’None of us is a smart as ALL of us!’

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