Copyright Policy

The Accidental-HR blog’s content is available for reading, via feed or otherwise, when it comes directly from Accidental-HR and/or Ruby Curran.

Anyone who republishes the Accidental-HR blog content beyond fair usage (excerpts approximately 100-300 words) is violating this copyright.

Anyone who republishes Accidental-HR blog content beyond fair usage on any website featuring ads, called ‘commercial use’, may also be violating my copyrights.

I will not stand for anyone stealing my Accidental-HR blog’s content or income.

Please expect that I will take action against anyone found to be in violation of my copyright policy.

Note: I take regular action to track the use of my intellectual property. I use tracking software to find reproduction of my work on the internet. If you take my work without permission, I WILL FIND YOU.

If you like what I’ve written or otherwise provided on this web site/blog, and you would like to use it on your own site, PLEASE ASK. You never know. Given the right circumstances I might say yes. If I do grant permission, I will give you specific instructions as to how my work must be presented and what notices you must include.

Alternatively, please feel free to link to my site and any article of relevance to your own site or blog. Links to my work are welcome!

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