Privacy Policy

Effective January 1, 2004

Basic Statement

In the course of our work, we and our suppliers collect personal information from our prospects, our clients, current and prospective employees of clients, our suppliers and our associates.  This personal information may include contact information such as name, address, phone/e-mail/fax, etc. that could be used to identify you and confidential information about you, your views, your ideas and your opinions and credit information.

This information is collected to help us conduct business operations in the sale and delivery of employee assessments, coaching and training, purchase of supplies and services and the production of financial information.

At no time will your contact or confidential information be sold, rented or shared with third parties for the purposes of marketing the products or services of those third parties.

We believe it is important for you to know why we collect this information, how we use it, how it is stored and secured and how and when it is disposed.

Sales Process

In our sales process we may collect both contact and confidential information in order to identify a possible need for our products and services by you or an organization you represent.  This may be collected from secondary sources (e.g. directories, internet research, referrals); through requests from you by phone, mail, in person or via the internet; or from surveys/interviews with you and/or other staff in your organization.

This information may later be used in the preparation or presentation of workshops, seminars, keynotes, and reports to you and your organization.

Employee Assessments

Candidates for various employee assessments (clients, prospective or existing employees or clients of our clients) that we set up and administer will be asked for contact information.  For those candidates who complete a written assessment which we are to process, we will read and transcribe both contact and confidential information into a manual or digital data base of Peak Performance Coaching or one of our contracted suppliers. Those candidates who complete an assessment via the internet are submitting it directly to the data base of our contract suppliers.

That data may be stored, analysed and processed into various reports for client and candidate use.  It may also be used for statistical purposes and/or other research.

Coaching and Training

During the preparation and delivery of individual coaching and group training sessions we may collect both contact and confidential information about a participant’s work and personal life experiences to help analyse problems, discuss options and set up specific plans of action for participants.  This information will be shared voluntarily by the parties and may be in written, audio recorded, video recorded and digital form.

We may share this information with our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants to ensure quality service to you.  These parties are bound by our policy statement.

This information may be retained by us for a period of time as we deem appropriate, so that we may refer to it in future discussions with you or your organization.

Some of the information may also be shared, in detailed or summarized form, with senior management in your organization.

We may be required to share the information with government departments and agencies to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

Client/Supplier/Employee/Contractor Contact and Financial Information

In order to conduct business we may chose to deal with various suppliers including but not limited to other companies, individuals, contractors, subcontractors, employees, etc.  From these suppliers we may collect contact and other confidential information as we deem necessary to establish, develop and carry out a business relationship.

This information may include financial data, identification numbers (SIN, vendor, BIN, credit card numbers etc.), employment information, other client information, and records of our working relationship.

Client billing information may contain contact and confidential information including details of contractual financial arrangements for the payment of products and services.  It may be used for the billing, payment and collection of financial commitments.

Client/supplier/employee/contractor financial information and specific details of proposed or contractual financial arrangements for the purchase or other use of products and services may be recorded and retained by Peak Performance Coaching/Accidental-HR.  It may also be compiled into various statements and other analysis.

This information is collected and compiled to facilitate the operations of Peak Performance Coaching and its present or future affiliated companies.  It may also be shared with government regulatory bodies as required by law.  It may also be reviewed by lenders, creditors, investors, suppliers and prospective purchasers to help them evaluate the financial viability and potential of Peak Performance Coaching and its affiliated companies.

Miscellaneous Services

Contact and confidential information collected during the sales process, employee assessments and coaching and training processes may be used to contact you directly concerning matters we feel may be of interest to you.  This might include, but is not limited to, a newsletter, promotional communications, research surveys, etc.  In most cases after January 1, 2004 you will be asked to ‘opt in’ to this service.  In all cases you will be able to ‘opt out’ of the service at any time.

Web Site Visitation

When you visit our web site, we track site visits, page hits, files downloaded and type of browser used.  No individual identifying information is recorded just by visiting our site.

You may request follow-up for a variety of information using a web site e-mail form (opt in).  You will provide contact information and your request on the form which then will be forwarded to us for action and treated like information in the sales process.

Security of Data

Personal information may be stored digitally (in computer data bases and files), on digital storage devises (e.g. floppy disks, cd’s, etc.) and in paper copy at premises of Peak Performance Coaching or its suppliers.  For example, assessment data may be kept in the computers of our assessment suppliers in various locations throughout the world.

Where we have possession of your information we will take reasonable precautions to ensure the information is stored securely and that only authorized personnel are allowed access to it.

Where third parties have possession of your information we will request that they also take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of your data and that you have access to their privacy policies prior to making any decisions to share personal information.

Information in our possession will be maintained as long as is required by law or until we deem it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was given.  Financial information will be maintained on file for a minimum of seven years as is required by government agencies.

All personal information will be shredded or otherwise disposed of in a secure manner when it is no longer required to be maintained.

Privacy Commissioner

Should you have any questions about this policy please contact us.  If you wish to review the personal information we hold on you, you may request it in writing by contacting the Privacy Officer. Proof of identity will be required before researching personal information in our possession.

Ruby Curran
Privacy Officer
Peak Performance Coaching
88 Andrews Close
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2R2

Phone:    (403) 348-0696

e-mail: (at) shaw (dot) ca

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