The Profile XT Assessment


Traditional hiring methods will usually provide you, the employer, with information about a candidate’s skills, experience, and education. But it’s difficult to predict how a person will perform in the position you’re hiring for, just by interviewing them.

As an employer, you’ve likely hired some people who’ve proven to be exactly who you hoped you were hiring. You’ve also hired some people who were hope-less at meeting your expectations. And of course, you’ve hired some people who were just average, or middle of the road.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what made the difference in these three groups of employees?

What if you could analyze your best employees to see what qualities made them the best – what job-related attributes they shared that helped them perform successfully in the job? What if you could measure those attributes in the  candidates you’re considering for a position and see how they stack up against your best employees? It would make quite a difference to your company, wouldn’t it?

Assessments are tools that allow you to ‘see’ more about your job candidates than they will ever show you in an interview. When you can identify and measure the attributes that make a person successful in a job, and then determine how closely a potential employee matches those attributes, you reach the highest probability of getting the ‘right people on the bus.’

As the chart below illustrates, every  tactic you add to your hiring process increases your chances of getting a person who will be successful in the position you’re hiring for.


There is a relatively quick, and a very reliable way to determine your candidate’s thinking style, or ability to learn aspects of the job, their interests, and how closely they ‘match’ what the job needs. It’s an assessment called the ProfileXT. This assessment is “the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art system available today for measuring human potential and predicting job performance.”  The ProfileXT takes care of the last four resources listed in the chart above: Personality Testing, Ability Testing, Interest Testing, and Job Matching.

I’m sure you’re wondering how the ProfileXT does the Job Matching. Let’s say, for sake of argument, that you’ve decided to use the ProfileXT. Your first step is to assess your current (and past employees, if possible) who have proven to be successful in the position you want to hire for. You may want to assess some of your under-performers as well, to see just how different they are from top-performers.

Every company, position, manager, and location is different and requires different qualities in its employees. Step Two is to build a customized Job Match Pattern. This can be done several ways:

  • We might use a pattern from the Profile International library of patterns. This would be useful for brand new positions where there hasn’t been an employee hired before.
  • Ideally, we’ll build a pattern using the results from the assessments of your current and past ‘Top Performing’ employees. You’re looking for more of those, right?
  • You might also complete a Job Analysis Survey if this is a new position
  • Some combination of these options

Once we have a Job Match Pattern for a position, new candidate results are compared to the pattern to determine if they match the qualities for success in the position.

Customization of the Job Match Pattern means your ‘pattern’ will meet the needs of…

  • Your company
  • Your location (if you are part of a multi-office company)
  • Your department
  • Your specific needs
  • Your management style
  • Your company or office culture

The ProfileXT gives you the power to:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Manage efficiently
  • Improve communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance profits

Several reports are generated from this assessment that will serve a variety of management needs:

  • Placement
  • Promotion Fit
  • Coaching and Self Improvement
  • Succession Planning
  • Job Description Development


It’s important that assessments actually measure what they’re intended to measure. The ProfileXT has been validated numerous times to ensure that it meets industry requirements and standards for use as a hiring tool. The most recent validation studies for the ProfileXT were completed in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The ProfileXT was designed and developed to be specifically job-related and has been validated in accordance with American Psychological Association standards. It is validated to be age-blind, gender-blind, and ethnicity-blind. That means it measures only those factors relevant to selecting the best people to fit the requirements of specific jobs.


Candidates can take this assessment from anywhere they have internet access. Some employers prefer that their candidates take the assessment in the office, others allow candidates to take the assessment from home. Candidates need not be supervised while they take the assessment. Scoring and results are instantaneous. The candidate will receive their Individual Report and you’ll receive the Placement Report just as soon as the assessment is completed.

User Testimonial:

ProfileXT gives me information about our people that is not just on target, it hits the bulls-eye every time. Using the ProfileXT, we are improving the productivity and efficiency of every employee. It is an incredibly effective tool I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend.

Having ProfilesXT on the internet makes it easy to use and cost effective. I can talk to potential employees anywhere in the world and use the ProfileXT to assess them for job fit in a couple of hours or less. The informative reports tell me what I need to know to make better decisions.

James M. D.  Maloney, President, United Freight Services, Inc.

Coming Soon: case studies related to the ProfileXT.

For more information about the ProfileXT, including pricing, please contact Ruby Curran

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